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Antônio Lucas Rigotti Manesco

Theoretical collaborator

I started my journey in Physics as an experimentalist with Durval Rodrigues Jr., performing characterization of superconducting materials, e.g. magnesium diboride. When I attended my first conference, however, my interest in doing theoretical research was born. Since there was no theoretical group on EEL at the time, I started to learn about first-principles calculations by myself and used it to study the materials investigated on Durval’s lab. Luckily, the ComputEEL/MatSci group, led by Luiz Eleno, had just started at the time, from which I could learn a lot. Finally, I joined forces with Gabrielle Weber, who still teaches me a lot about analytical methods.

All this tortuous and enriching path during my bachelor studies opened the doors for my ongoing PhD on electronic and topological properties of nanosystems. Most of the time, I am bridging between first-principles, tight-binding and analytical methods looking for insights about nanosystems. It amazes me the challenge of coming up with simple effective models for complicated systems.

Scientific publications

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