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Workshop Total Energy and Force Methods 2020

Luiz T. F. Eleno, 13 January 2020   Tags:

Total Energy and Force Methods 2020

ComputEEL/MatSci was present in San Sebastián, Spain, for the workshop “Total Energy and Force Methods 2020”. We presented the work entitled “Controlling type-II Dirac semimetal NiTe2 electronic and elastic properties via strain and alkaline-element intercalation”

Taken from the workshop’s website):

This workshop is organized within the “Total Energy and Force” conference series, which is held at ICTP in Trieste every odd year, and at a different place every even year. The previous most recent workshops of this “mini” series took place in Barcelona (2012), Lausanne (2014), Luxembourg (2016) and Cambridge (2018).

The main objective of this event is to identify new developments and topics in the field of electronic-structure methods from the first-principles perspective, their diverse applications, and its mathematical foundations. As such, it provides a great opportunity to assemble a wide range of leading scientists working on different aspects of computational material science.

Group photo - find #Elenão!

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