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Igor Hideki Cabianca Yamamoto

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In the middle of the 1990’s a mass immigration of Brazilian-born Japanese-descendants occurred to Japan, ironically reversing the Japanese immigration to Brazil before and during the Second World War. The prosperous Japanese economy promised wonders for those who were up to the hardship of factory work. In the middle of this, my parents Marcio Yamamoto and Lilian Aparecida Kayoko Cabianca Yamamoto met each other and, in August 18th, 1995, I was born in a town called Tatebayashi-shi located at the province of Gunma-ken. Between many trips from Brazil to Japan and vice-versa, I finally moved with my parents to Japan, where I mainly lived at the province of Aichi-ken for about twelve years. During this time, I studied in many Brazilian schools (which poorly justifies the fact I never actually learned Japanese) and worked, like my parents, in blue-collar industry jobs. It was also there that I discovered my love for the two most significant things in my life: Physics and Music. Due to the huge expenses of International Universities in Japan, I decided to gather all the money I had saved until then and go to Brazil so I could attend a public university. After a year of living with my batchan (Japanese for grandmother) Maria Yamamoto - the greatest woman I ever met - and intensely studying for university-admission tests, in 2016 I became an undergrad Physics Engineering student at EEL-USP, being the first person in my family to ever study engineering. Since then, I already worked with aerospace engineering along with Prof. Paula Cristiane Pinto Mesquita Pardal; as project manager at the Junior Firm Gamma Jr. Engenharia; and now I work with ComputEEL-MatSci on First Principles investigations of intermetallic alloys and compounds.


  • “Ab initio determination of mechanical and magnetic properties of the hexagonal C14 Laves phase Fe2Ti”. Undergrad project (iniciação científica) FAPESP, Grant number: 18/18934-3.

Scientific publications

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