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New Master of Science in the group

Luiz T. F. Eleno, 19 September 2019   Tags:

From left to right: Prof. Cláudio G. Schön, Prof. Luiz T. F. Eleno (supervisor), MSci. Thiago T. Dorini, Prof. Carlos A. Nunes, and Prof. Flávio Ferreira

A new Master of Science in the Computeel Group: Thiago Dorini has successfully presented his dissertation “The defect structure of the T1 and T2 phases in the Cr-Si-B system”, obtaining therefore his MSci. degree in our department.

Hopefully, his work will soon be published as a paper (or more than one!) in an international journal so that the world at large can appreciate his contributions.

Thiago will soon be going to France to start his PhD studies at the Institute Jean Lamour, Université de Lorraine, under the supervision of Prof. Emily Gaudry.

Good luck and a lot of success!

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