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2nd Meeting - Technological Frontiers in Engineering

Luiz T. F. Eleno, 19 August 2019   Tags: talks, workshops

Keeping the tradition started in the first edition of the event (read more about it on page 7 of the 29° EEL Newsletter, in portuguese), the workshop 2nd Meeting - Technological Frontiers in Engineering will be held at our department on October 09 and 10, 2019, under the coordination of Luiz T. F. Eleno. The event will be held again on DEMAR premises and support from FAPESP. The goal is to bring together researchers from various fields from the basic sciences to their technological applications and provide a forum for discussion and integration.

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Invited speakers

  • Simo Ellilä (Technological Research Centre of Finland VTT, Espoo): Trichoderma reesei as a production host for enzymes, therapeutics, food and material proteins
  • Teresa Cristina Brazil de Paiva (EEL-USP): Emerging Contaminants and Aquatic Toxicity
  • Roberto Gomes de Aguiar Veiga (UFABC): Atomic computational simulations applied to the study of plasticity in metals and their alloys
  • Mauricio da Silva Baptista (IQ-USP): Spatial precision in targeting intracellular organelles by photo-sensitized oxidations
  • Hernan Chaimovich (IQ-USP): Scientific Policy: Preliminary reflections

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