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News from WorkNano 2019

Luiz T. F. Eleno, 23 February 2019   Tags: talks, workshops

Having a go at the mic

The workshop WorkNano 2019 - “Materials Science addressed with modern analytical and theoretical methods” was very successfully held at São Paulo from 21st to 22nd February 2019.

As I said in a previous news post, I was one of the speakers of the conference, with a short talk (15min) entitled “Ab-initio DFT calculations applied to superconducting materials”

You’ll find a pdf file of my talk at this Google Drive repository, maintained by the workshop’s main organizer, Prof. Cristiano Oliveira, whom I congratulate for the great job!

You’ll also find there the official picture of the conference. Unfortunately, I had a meeting elsewhere, at exactly the same time the picture was taken! Tell me about bad timing…

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